P3- Professional Practice Assignment 3

Student name Susan Gilmore Student number 301644
Course/Module Professional Practice L3 Assignment number 3

 Overall Comments

 Your choice of works is becoming more succinct now with the ghostly aesthetics of the videos and the trace drawings. Time to choose what you will display without over crowding the delicate nature of willow and charcoal. Again, don’t be negative that your work does not deserve London- t’s not just the right place or location for the nature of your work at the moment (with the galleries you have looked at). Also, yes people will want to buy your work, especially the drawings so put a price to them! You are looking at the details outside of curating such as pricing, travel to the exhibition and online presence so there is a sense of a holistic overview as you move away from an artist in your studio to the public sphere.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

 Review of work-

 Your work is quite investigative of the medium of charcoal, the essence of where it came from and the result, which could be made from it. Therefore, it makes sense to show the 3 drawings, the willow structure and the sample. This way it shows the cyclic method you are working in. Although the video works are an interesting contemporary addition. How ABOUT filming the disappearance of the drawing, which becomes a trace but showing the video backwards so we can see the charcoal disappearing? The double exposure pieces work well but do consider the lighting when you are showing these pieces. Have a look at the video artists below to give you ideas about surfaces on which your videos could project on. Great that you went to a video surgery and although it is not in your comfort zone- try and challenge yourself as this medium would really encapsulate the audience so they are ‘in’ the work. The sphere pieces do quite robust and cumbersome compared to the delicacy of the trace paintings and what I imagine a ghostly video. Perhaps not so much the shadow videos now unless the aesthetic can work with the drawings too. I like the idea of x-ray hangings for the trace drawings as they do look like bone structures or the essence of the skeletal body, which could be represented by the skeletal remains of the willow.

 Making links with a space-

 You have weighed up the pros and cons in detail and thought beyond the exhibition space for your work. This is useful for you as an artist living within means as well as just exhibiting. Langport seems quite ideal with the accessibility as well as for its contextual relevance of willow history. Also it’s very useful that you are thinking about the future to exhibit elsewhere where platforms could support your practice in different ways. It is important to maintain that relationship with galleries and make sure you invite them to your opening! As for correspondence, yes have them as hard copies because if any roles in the art world want to look at your blog purely for your work, they don’t want to be seeing reams of emails.

Promotional material-

The website is easy to navigate and not overloaded with images and gimmicks so go for it with building this up and adding to your business cards etc. Also think about renowned free portfolio websites such as Saatchi. Com and Axis- these are hugely popular for curators looking for artists. Doesn’t take long to upload some images and your artist statement if they are done.

 I’m glad it’s starting to feel more real for you and you have certainly moved on from the thinking to the actual doing so the next two parts will make this more concrete as you make the anxious but satisfying move to the public sphere. You are being more forthright in talking to people, negotiating and making decisions quicker, which are appropriate to you.


 This is a very professional, sensual flyer, which gets straight to the point. It’s monochromatic aesthetic is engaging and minimal but enough to see the text clearly. I just can’t help thinking this is a still image of a video idea where the drawings disappears. Well done for this design.

Press Release-

This PR reads much better now and it has been shortened for the audience to understand what you are showing without having to re-read it. Also, very important to have the dates, venue, title and contact and especially image (if it fits on) so people can have a quick glance. Not everyone will read word for word. This is ready to go out (if you haven’t done so already).

Learning Logs/ written work/ understanding of theory


Your blog gives a thorough description of your processes, contingencies and insights to finding yourself from being a studio artist to moving forward towards an exhibition.

I will reiterate the contextual aspect again from the previous report. Although it is not always in the requirements of what to send to the tutor, do delve into the reading list and the suggested articles for each part. As you are aware the context is as important as the outcome and process especially for level 3. Look at the artists work suggested below and look at their exhibitions. Find interviews from the artists themselves and how they curate or how they have a hand in how their work is visually represented.

Suggested reading/viewing


  • Joseph Kosuth- (Conceptual Art) One and Three Chairs – look at the display of this Conceptual Art and think about multiple works which define your process.
  • Tacita Dean- Tate Modern: The Unilever Series- a great way to exhibit film and organic forms. Also think about scale and audience response.
  • Bill Viola- Yorkshire Sculpture Park- a recent exhibition showing different ways to project video and involve the audience ‘into’ the video with sound. He is exhibiting quite a bit at the moment so if you get a chance to see any of his work- well worth it.

Pointers for the next assignment

Make decisions about the next show, especially if you will be using video with a collection of other media. Think about the visual connections between the trace drawings, the sensual video, sound, if any, structures. So really evaluate the success and the outcomes of the audience reactions, space and the dialogue between the works you exhibit in Langport.

Documentation- It is very important to document the exhibition, the space before installation, during and after. Make sure you record your contingencies and any problem solving you have to do too.  Anything that will help you to make it a richer exhibition next time.

Timescale- yes no problems to send the next assignment prior to the exhibition and as you say this will be useful so you can make any final amendments beforehand. From this submission, the promotional material is ready to go but you do need to add more images to your websites you go along.

Tutor name: Diana Ali
Date 12/04/16
Next assignment due 01/06/16- two weeks prior to exhibition or earlier.