P3- Professional Practice Assignment 5

Student name Susan Gilmore Student number 301644
Course/Unit Professional Practice Assignment number 5
Type of tutorial Written    

 Overall Comments

Sue, well done on your exhibition. Your documentation and final evaluation shows a well-rounded, succinct and self-actualised exhibition, which has summed up your concepts, practice and intentions. It may have been a journey but this has been realised in the exhibition space which compliments the notion of growth, personal commitment to your own work without changing it for the sake of public sphere and a sharing of personal, emotional and evocative work. As a submission, it is highly organised, considered and presented in a mature manner, which shows that you are ready to pursue your own ambitions of curating your own shows in the future.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

 As well as a successful exhibition, the thought and execution behind the supporting visuals and information is professional. You have thought about all the details and gone beyond the expected requirements, thus making the whole end result for Part 5 for PP a wholesome and intelligent submission. The labels, cards, list of works, items to sell and leaflets have suppurated your work for the audience to be enticed and engaged in the meanings and aesthetics behind the work.

The exhibition- you have chosen a suitable space for the work to fit. Although small and intimate, this is ideal for the emotional but evolving nature of your work. It is done in a space, which fits in with the ephemeral and delicate nature of your work but you have challenged this with larger dominating work so the space does not look so domestic. The larger works are explosive in the environment as the audience are confronted with them and almost forced to engage with them, and why shouldn’t they be? It is good to see that your initial apprehensions and self-confidence has finally been exposed and shared. There was a danger of showing too much or too little but the balance of the framed pieces, the actual willows and the sculptural pieces have made viewers stop and find out about the work. The actual details all fit in well, including the wooden floor with the willow and the white walls with the coherent designs of your flyers, publicity and information available.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

 In terms of documentation and supporting work, you have been highly organised and included many aspects, which evidence your work ethic and methodology. You have included correspondence, research reflecting and solving your frustrations and decision-making. You start by being sporadic with note making, decision-making and cathartic ideas but then this is executed into refined and sophisticated publicity material, labels, artist statement and designs.  Overall, you have gained the ability to select and exhibit your work without overloading the space and the audience.


Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  

You have referred to reading material and essays to think in alternative ways of how you will display the work and this has led to alternative but cohesive curation. Sometimes you have thought too much but when you focused, you filled this with practicality and pro-activeness. You have shown that you have done the ground work to enable the exhibition to be successful.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  

 Your blog throughout has been self-reflective and honest with problems clearly solved after some hesitation. You certainly have not gone down the easy route and instead found your own voice for your own work to have its own stance in your chosen space. I’m glad that you accepted and realised that not all work has to be in a prestigious space for it to speak out for itself.

You have been detailed in your commentary and worked hard to see beyond your work in a studio. You have thought and discussed elements, such as contingencies, audience expectations and measurable success of the exhibition.

Your evaluation sums up your journey and your realisation of you as an artist as a curator and as mentioned before you have overcome personal emotions and been proactive by looking at the ‘behind the scenes’ to make an exhibition work. Reading and implementing Weintraub has allowed you to push your judgment of ‘successful’ work being exposed and I hope that you can be more critical in others work now and look beyond the first impressions of an exhibition; you have certainly allowed the audience to do this with yours.

Suggested reading/viewing



Pointers for the next assignment

Some points to take you forward…. as you say that a rural gallery setting did suit your work in the end, but how did the audience know about it in a small market town? For the future, think about the outside of the gallery to entice people in, perhaps an A-Board or adverts in the window? I know there was an array of people, not just artists, but what about passer-bys? Also think about where your works could be next as the space is quite a domestic setting; how would it look in an opposing space? Did the space dictate your work too much? Also have a go at the video works in a nighttime setting to challenge yourself to alternative ways of curation.

Sue, make sure you read the ‘Guidelines for submission’ for assessment. From what you have sent, everything is in place, organised, labeled clearly and the presentation is sophisticated and substantial.

Well done and very god luck for your assessment. .

Tutor name Diana Ali
Date 20/08/16
Next assignment due Assessment